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As noted by the Wine Institute, Americans are drinking more wine than ever before.

With so many varieties available, wine appeals to nearly all taste preferences. In fact, there are so many different wines that you could spend the rest of your life drinking a different bottle every week! Wine also boasts a plethora of health benefits… and let’s be honest, how many other drinks (that give you a buzz) can say the same thing?

Are there wineries near me now?

Are there wineries open near me?

If you’re new to wine, wineries are a perfect place to sample a wide range of wines to narrow down your preferences. Even if you’re a true vino, wineries offer the unique opportunity to learn more about wine and taste new wines. Whether you’re a wine enthusiast or a novice, visiting a winery is sure to be a great experience!

Additionally, wineries have become increasingly social venues, drawing in groups of friends, couples, and families alike. So if you’re ready to plan a visit, look no further than the map above. Simply click the “Use Current Location” button to see wineries near you. If you’re looking for a specific type of winery, such as one with live music or one that is family-friendly, read on for more information and to find embedded maps dedicated to those specific types of wineries.


Local Wineries

Is there a list of wineries near me?

“Shop local”, is something we hear all the time, but what about “Drink local”? Supporting family-owned wineries in your area benefits your community in the same way. By doing a quick search for local wineries, you’re sure to find a hidden gem that’s just a short drive away.

Knowing an excellent local winery means that you’ll always have something to do with friends or family on the weekend or in the evening. An added benefit is that some local wineries even offer their own wine delivery subscription or other membership deals.

Best Wineries

What are the top wineries near me?

While traveling to California or Italy (to tour the wine country) would be a dream come true for many, it’s not always feasible. That said, there are usually plenty of nearby wineries in your immediate area, or perhaps just outside of it.

As you visit a variety of wineries, you’re sure to find a few favorites. What one person considers to be the best winery will always be different than what someone else believes to be the best (as we all have different expectations and preferences when it comes to atmosphere, experience, and flavors).

Online tools like Yelp and Tripadvisor can help you narrow down your choices by providing reviews from past patrons and photos of specific locations and their offerings.

Dog-Friendly Wineries

Where are dog-friendly wineries near me?

Remember when we said that wineries had become increasingly social venues? Well, many have become such social hot spots that they even allow you to bring your furry friends with you! Your pup will appreciate getting out of the house, and of course, you’ll love the company.

While there are many dog-friendly wineries where your pup will be welcomed (and maybe even given a tasty treat during their visit), there are also wineries with strict policies against four-legged guests. I say four-legged guests because some wineries employ vineyard dogs who work to keep critters away from the grapes before harvest.

Rather than assuming you and your pooch are good to go, it is always essential to call ahead to verify a wineries policy. Finally, it would be best if you also considered your dog’s temperament and how he or she will do when surrounded by other people, dogs, and potentially live music.

Wineries with Food

Are there wineries near me with food?

Sometimes we want more than just cheese and crackers when visiting a winery. This is especially true if planning to visit multiple wineries on the same day and need to break for lunch or dinner. In this case, there is nothing more convenient than a winery that also serves food.

Your purpose for visiting a winery will always impact your dining choices. If you’re simply out for a lovely afternoon with your partner or friends, you’re OK to order whatever you please. However, if you’re visiting to seriously sample the wines and are planning to continue your tasting after your meal, you’ll want to consider what you order carefully.

Seasoned sommeliers advise that you avoid anything with garlic, onions, capers, or other spices that have a lingering smell or taste (as these will affect your palate). Another recommendation is to avoid eating at least an hour before a tasting.

Wineries with Lodging

Are there wineries with lodging near me?

Maybe you’re planning a trip to wine country. Perhaps you’re planning to have more than just a few glasses. Or perhaps you’re doing a tasting one day and a tour of the vineyards the next.

Regardless of your reasoning, an overnight stay at a winery can be incredibly relaxing and romantic. Not to mention convenient (forget about Uber surge pricing!). If you’d rather sip and stay than drink and drive (please don’t drink and drive), a quick search of “wineries with lodging” on our map below will point you in the right direction!

Wineries for Weddings

Where are wineries near me for wedding venues?

Wineries and vineyards have an abundance of natural beauty. Rolling hills with sunsets peeking through the vines of red, purple, and green grapes… quaint wine barrels incorporated into the décor… does it get any more romantic?

If you and your other half are ready to tie the knot, wine not (couldn’t resist) check out the wineries near you that double as a wedding venue?

Wineries and Vineyards

Are there wineries with vineyards near me?

They say that the story of every winery begins in its vineyard. So for a more educational experience, you’ll surely want to visit a winery with its own vineyard.

With many vineyards offering guided tours, you’ll be able to see the process from vine to barrel to spittoon. Additionally, wineries with their own vineyard can get guests out of stuffy tasting rooms and into the great outdoors where they are surrounded by the same vines which helped produce the drink in their hands as they sample their flight.

Family-Friendly Wineries

Where are kid-friendly wineries near me?

Can’t find a sitter or don’t want to shell out for one? Good news—a wine tasting with the kiddos can be done!

Over 40% of American households have children living at home. As a result, more and more wineries are allowing children into their facilities to increase sales.

Family-friendly wineries will typically have some activities to keep the little ones busy. Outdoor playgrounds, games, coloring pages, and grape-juice tastings allow the kids to enjoy the experience just as much as the parents.

Wineries with Live Music

Are there wineries with live music near me?

You can’t go wrong with an evening of entertainment and fine wine. Music always adds to the atmosphere as you sample new wines and chat with your group.

Many wineries hire up-and-coming or local musicians to play shows on weekends or in the evenings. Some wineries also host summer concert series, which require tickets that must be purchased in advance. To see which wineries near you offer live music, check out our map below.

Wine Tasting Tips

Before you visit a winery, you’ll probably have several questions.

If you’re a beginner, you’ll find this article helpful in planning your visit. If you’re a pro, you may learn a thing or two from this article.