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best swimming holes near me

Is there any better feeling than slipping into a cool water hole on a hot summer’s day? Many will agree; it’s pretty tough to beat! The only problem? Not knowing where the best swimming holes near you are!

Never fear, as we’re here to help. To perform a “Swimming Holes Near Me” search, click the button on the map above to see any/all of the swimming holes near you. Or, if you’d like to explore other types of swimming holes (such as waterfalls, rivers, and dog-friendly), keep reading as we’ll be embedding maps dedicated to those types of searches as well. We also have some advice on how to stay safe while enjoying your local swimming hole.


Natural Swimming Holes

Where are some natural places to swim near me?

While some swimming holes are man-made, others occur naturally where water has pooled. Both styles have their unique points of appeal.

Constructed pools usually offer some amenities nearby, such as toilets or changing rooms, and natural swimming holes provide the chance to enjoy a relaxing dip in a more private environment.

There is a wealth of research available that shows how being in nature has a positive impact on our minds and bodies. If that sounds like something for you, use the map below to find natural swimming spots near you.

Secret Swimming Holes

Where can I find hidden swimming holes near me?

It’s understandable that the fewer people that know about a swimming hole, the fewer people you will have to share that swimming hole with. Secluded swimming holes are a perfect option for those looking for a quiet spot to take a refreshing dip in the water.

Make sure you check out our advice (below) on how to keep safe while swimming. Taking the necessary precautions is even more crucial when dealing with an untested location, especially when there are fewer people around to help if you get into trouble.

Waterfall Swimming Holes

Where can I find waterfalls near me to swim?

Waterfalls are beautiful, both to look at and to listen to. The sound of running water is rejuvenating, and stress relief has enormous benefits to mental and physical health. With that in mind, waterfalls also have a rather straightforward role to play when it comes to swimming holes; they help to purify the water.

Despite their overwhelming beauty, do keep in mind that waterfalls come with their own set of dangers as the water current can be quite strong near them (among other risks).

Hiking Trails With Swimming holes

Where can I go for hikes with swimming holes near me?

Hiking seems to be exploding in popularity lately. Not only is it excellent exercise, but it’s out in nature, surrounded by fresh air and great views. It’s something almost anyone can do, and another bonus is that it’s free!

Taking a dip in a fresh swimming hole is a great way to end a hike. Knowing that you are heading to such a rewarding payoff simultaneously gives your hike an extra level of purpose. The water will help to cool you off after working up a sweat, and it eases your muscles too.

Another benefit of going on a hike that ends with a swimming hole is that it can easily fill the role of a quick getaway. If you’re looking for a daylong adventure for the family, this is a perfect fit.

River Swimming Holes

Where can I find freshwater swimming holes near me?

A river swimming hole is a point in a river where the water has pooled, is relatively shallow, and the current is slow enough to be able to swim. The benefit of swimming in a river swimming hole is that it is fed by moving water, which is much cleaner and safer than a stagnant pool. This is precisely the reason why animals prefer to drink running water rather than still water; they instinctively know that moving water is safer.

Dog-Friendly Swimming Holes

Where can I find dog-friendly swimming holes near me?

The majority of our four-legged friends absolutely love to go for a swim. The benefits for them are comparable to the benefits for us; swimming provides a means for both play and exercise. This is perfect for keeping our dogs physically and mentally healthy.

If you’re looking for a public swimming hole that you can take your dog to, check out the map below!

Tips for Staying Safe While at a Swimming Hole

  1. Be respectful of your surroundings. Help to keep your local swimming hole clean by taking your trash home with you.
  2. Be respectful of others. Remember that public swimming holes are there for everyone to enjoy.
  3. Do not drink alcohol before/while swimming. Many swimming-related accidents occur due to people swimming while or after drinking alcohol. Alcohol is known to reduce your awareness, and it is essential to stay aware of your surroundings.
  4. Do not swim in heavy currents. Strong currents can quickly pull people under the water or out to deeper depths where there is a higher risk of drowning.
  5. Do not swim too close to a waterfall. This is true at the top of a waterfall (where there is a risk of being pulled over), and also at the bottom (where the water current is usually strongest and there is an increased risk of being pulled under).
  6. Do not jump straight into the water. Wade in slowly at first to check the depth, for rocks/obstructions, and the current of the water.
  7. Large rivers hold hidden dangers. Even if the surface of a river looks peaceful, there can be stronger currents beneath the surface that can pull you under. It would be best if you always assumed it is unsafe to swim in a large river.
  8. If you do get caught in a strong current, stay calm. Just relax and allow yourself to float with the current until the water settles.
  9. Never swim alone. If you do get into trouble and you are alone, then there will be no-one there to help you.
  10. Wear something on your feet. Going barefoot puts you at risk of hurting yourself on sharp rocks, glass, or other debris that may be lying at the bottom of the pool.
  11. No diving, jumping, or rope swings. As fun as these things can be, water can be shallower than it looks in certain spots, or there may be rocks that are hidden beneath the surface. Even if your friend has just successfully jumped into the water, landing only an inch to one side could be the difference between a fun time and a trip to the emergency room. It’s not worth it.
  12. Don’t swim where you cannot see the bottom. When swimming in natural water, remember that you are sharing your swim with all the local wildlife. This can potentially include snakes, alligators, and a host of other creatures. If you cannot see what is around you, then assume it is not safe to swim there.
  13. Beware of slippery surfaces. The banks and rocks surrounding natural swimming holes can often become extremely slippery. It is best to go slowly or even crawl on all fours to avoid slipping and seriously hurting yourself.

Stay safe, and enjoy your swim!