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Raising Cane’s is a relatively young fast-food establishment, but it is quickly making its mark. Known for their delicious chicken fingers, Raising Cane’s is the perfect place to go when you’re in need of some comfort food.

Below you’ll find more information about Raising Cane’s history, menu, locations, and jobs near you.


About Raising Cane’s

Establishing Raising Cane’s was not an easy task. Todd Graves and Craig Silvey, both students at Louisiana State University (LSU), wrote a business plan for Raising Cane’s and submitted it as an assignment for their business plan writing course. They received a poor grade on the assignment and the business plan was rejected by several potential investors.

Refusing to be deterred, Graves worked at refineries and fishing companies to jumpstart funding for the business. He and Silvey eventually obtained a loan which they used to open the first Raising Cane’s restaurant in Baton Rouge (near the LSU campus – in 1996). Today, there are over 450 Raising Cane’s locations across the United States.

Raising Cane’s Locations

Where are the closest Raising Cane’s locations near me?

How can I find a Raising Cane’s near me?

If you’re looking for a Raising Cane’s location near you, look no further. Below are two main ways to find a Raising Cane’s near you.

  1. Go to the Raising Cane’s website and click on the “Locations” tab. Then, enter your address in the search box and click on the search button. This will retrieve a map and list indicating Raising Cane’s locations near your address. When you click on “List View”, you’ll find the location details and directions.
  2. Use Google Maps to find a Raising Cane’s near you. The first step is to turn on your location services or manually enter your address. Then, search for Raising Cane’s, and the map will populate with locations near you.

Raising Cane’s Hours

What are Raising Cane’s hours near me?

Raising Cane’s hours vary from location to location.

Raising Cane’s is typically open seven days a week. Most Raising Cane’s open in the morning (around 10:00AM) and close in the evening or late night.

You can find the hours for a specific location by clicking on the “Restaurant Details” button of each location in the restaurant locator section of the Raising Cane’s website.

Is there a 24-hour Raising Cane’s near me?

Unfortunately, Raising Cane’s are not typically open 24 hours. There are select locations open until 3:30AM, though.

Raising Cane’s Delivery

Is there Raising Cane’s delivery near me?

Yes, Raising Cane’s offers delivery through third-party partners such as DoorDash, GrubHub, and Postmates.

Raising Cane’s Menu

What is on the Raising Cane’s menu near me?

Raising Cane’s menu is pretty simple (yet impactful), as it consists of six Chicken Finger combos and individual side orders. The signature chicken fingers are made with fresh premium chicken breast tenderloins with a special marinade. See below for more details on the menu items.

The Box Combo

The Box Combo is a great choice is you’re really hungry and want a bit of everything. It comes with four Chicken Fingers, Crinkle-Cut Fries, Cane’s Sauce, Texas Toast, Coleslaw, and a Fountain Drink.

The Three Finger Combo

The Three Finger Combo comes with three Chicken Fingers, Crinkle-Cut Fries, Cane’s Sauce, Texas Toast, and a Fountain Drink/Tea.

The Caniac Combo

Can’t get enough of those delicious Chicken Fingers? Try the Caniac Combo, which comes with six Chicken Fingers, Crinkle-Cut Fries, two Cane’s Sauce, Texas Toast, Coleslaw, and a large Fountain Drink/Tea.

The Sandwich Combo

Wish your Chicken Fingers could be made into a burger? Well, your wish has been granted. The Sandwich Combo features three Chicken Fingers, Cane’s Sauce, and Lettuce on a Kaiser Roll. It comes with Crinkle-Cut Fries and a regular Fountain Drink/Tea.

The Kids Combo

Parent’s rejoice! Kids can enjoy Raising Cane’s too. The Kid’s Combo comes with two Chicken Fingers, Crinkle-Cut Fries, one Cane’s Sauce, and a kid’s drink (Fountain Drink, Milk, or Apple Juice).


Throwing a party? Your guests will love you if you order Raising Cane’s Tailgates. It’s available in quantities of 25, 50, 75, or 100 Chicken Fingers. Cane’s Sauce is included with each order.

Crinkle-Cut Fries

It’s not a fast-food restaurant if it doesn’t offer fries! Raising Cane’s Crinkle-cut Fries are special because they’re extra-long and cut from Grade A potatoes. They are cooked to golden-brown, crispy perfection.


Cane’s Coleslaw is made of red and green cabbage, shredded carrots, and a creamy coleslaw dressing.

Texas Toast

Texas Toast is made with sesame seeded pull-apart bread, brushed with a butter and garlic blend.

Raising Cane’s Jobs

Is there a Raising Cane’s hiring near me?

Raising Cane’s is constantly hiring crew members, shift leaders, and restaurant managers. There are also opportunities in their corporate office for those with previous experience in the restaurant industry.

To find a Raising Cane’s job near you, head to the Raising Cane’s website, click on “Join Us,” then click on “Search Jobs.” This will lead you to a page describing the three main categories of jobs (crew, management, corporate). Click on “Search Jobs” again (under the category which interests you the most). This will retrieve a page where you can select your location and search for open jobs near you.

Raising Cane’s Corporate Phone Number

To contact customer service at Raising Cane’s with a question or complaint, call 1-833-442-2637. The office is open Monday to Friday from 8:30AM to 9:00PM CT and weekends from 10:00AM to 7:00PM CT.