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Attention all animal lovers! PetSmart is your one-stop-shop for everything pets, whether that’s kibble, toys, accessories, grooming, or even finding your new best friend. Read on to explore our guide to PetSmart stores near you.


About PetSmart

PetSmart was founded in 1986 in Phoenix, Arizona. Since then, the business has expanded across North America, and you can now find more than 1600 stores in the United States, Canada, and Puerto Rico.

PetSmart Services

PetSmart is the largest pet store chain in the United States and sells a wide variety of pet supplies (both online and in-store). These include:

  • Nutritionally-balanced food (for dogs, cats, fish, birds, reptiles, and small animals)
  • Treats
  • Pet beds and furniture
  • Toys
  • Bowls and feeders
  • Clothing and accessories
  • Cleaning supplies
  • Collars, leashes, and harnesses
  • Crates and playpens
  • Hygiene and healthcare products
  • Grooming supplies
  • Tanks and aquariums
  • Water pumps
  • Water care and conditioning
  • Decor and plants
  • Live fish
  • Live birds
  • Cages and stands
  • Terrariums
  • Live small pets
  • and much more!

Is there PetSmart $20 neutering near me?

Many PetSmart stores partner with Banfield Pet Hospital to provide healthcare, Optimum Wellness Plans, veterinary surgery, pet dentistry, and other services to improve the quality of life of all pets.

One of the most important parts of pet healthcare is neutering, which helps prevent unwanted pregnancies. Trying to cut down on the vast populations of animals that end up in shelters (or being euthanized), remains an ongoing battle.

If you’re looking for a PetSmart (w/ Banfield Pet Hospital) that offers neutering services, you can do so by using the Schedule An Appointment page.

Banfield also offers other services like routine vaccinations, parasite control, dental care, nutritional and behavioral counseling, and a wide variety of surgeries.

Is there PetSmart grooming near me?

PetSmart offers high-quality grooming for cats and dogs. This service is provided by accredited groomers who have at least 800 hours of professional experience.

PetSmart grooming includes bathing, trimming, styling, haircuts, and treatment with FURminator products to help remove excess hair (which is especially important for puppies).

You can book a PetSmart grooming service by visiting the Grooming page, where you can select a store, your type of animal, breed, and age to find prices and availability.

Is there a PetSmart boarding facility near me?

When going away on vacation, it’s essential to leave your beloved pet in a comfortable boarding facility where they will be safe, clean, and happy.

PetSmart offers boarding in their PetsHotel Pet Boarding, where animals have ventilated rooms that are sanitized daily. They’ll also be provided with hypoallergenic bedding.

You can also choose extra services like a private suite (which has a raised cot and TV with pet-friendly channels), or other packages that include extra playtime, snacks, Doggie Day Camp, or a bath before coming home.

You can find PetSmart boarding near you by visiting the Pet Boarding page. Once there, you can select your closest store, browse dates for boarding, and input your type and number of pets.

Is there a PetSmart Doggie Day camp near me?

Socialization is one of the most important factors when it comes to calm, confident, and well-behaved dogs. PetSmart Doggie Day Camp helps facilitate this process with an engaging environment. Dogs will meet new friends, play games, learn new skills, have time for relaxation, and, most importantly, have fun!

You can choose from either full or half days for your furry friend, or even buy a membership pass for additional discounts.

To find a Day Camp near you, head over to the Doggie Day Camp page. From there, you can select a store and read the complete details about a half or full-day camp. You will need to call to book.

Is there PetSmart training near me?

Dogs need consistent training to learn how to behave appropriately (not only in your house but out in the world). Training includes basic manners, impulse control, remaining calm (even when facing distractions), and even more advanced training like therapy dog accreditation.

PetSmart offers training for both puppies and adult dogs. This covers all skill levels (from complete beginners to more advanced). PetSmart offers private and group lessons, all with accredited pet trainers.

You can find PetSmart training near you by visiting the Dog Training page, where you can choose your closest store along with the level of training desired.

PetSmart Charities

Are there PetSmart adoption events near me?

PetSmart has a charitable branch (called PetSmart Charities) that works with over 4000 animal welfare charities in the United States and Canada. Together, they locate rescue pets who are eligible for adoption and bring them into stores to find them their fur-ever homes.

PetSmart Charities has led to more than 9 million animal adoptions. Without this support, these animals likely would have spent many months (or years) waiting in an animal rescue center.

You can find local PetSmart adoption events (or available animals) by visiting the Adoption page. Here you can enter your zip code and select either cats or dogs.

PetSmart Locations

Where are PetSmart locations near me?

It’s extremely easy to find a PetSmart near you by following one of these steps:

  1. At the top of our webpage, you can click on the button that says, “Click to find PetSmart near me”. This uses GPS location services to show your closest stores.
  2. On the PetSmart home page, click on the “Find a store” tab. This will take you to the Store Locator page, where you can type in your address and specify a distance from 5 to 75 miles away.
  3. You can see a full list of the PetSmart stores at the Store Locations page. Here, you can search by state to find all of your local stores.

Store Opening Hours

What are PetSmart hours near me?

PetSmart stores are generally open from 9am to 9pm Monday to Saturday, and from 10am to 7pm on Sundays.

You can confirm the opening hours of your local store by following the instructions under our PetSmart Locations heading above.

PetSmart Careers

Are there PetSmart jobs near me?

Are you an animal lover? PetSmart is the perfect place to work (and make a difference)! You can find available jobs by visiting the PetSmart Careers page. Here you can search by location, keyword, category, or job title to find a PetSmart hiring near you.

Contact PetSmart

What is the PetSmart phone number near me?

If you need to contact your local PetSmart, you can find the phone number by following the steps under the PetSmart Locations heading above.

You can also contact customer service at 888-839-9638 (between 8am and 9pm EST).