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If you’re a baseball or softball player who needs to work on their swing, you’re probably wondering…”Where are the closest batting cages near me?”. Or perhaps you’re trying to plan a day of fun for your family/friend group, so you want to know, “Is there mini-golf and batting cages near me?”. Either way, you’re in luck! We’re here to help you locate the specific type of batting cages you’re looking for.

On the map above, click the “Use Current Location” button to see batting cages near you. If you’re looking for a specific type of batting cage, such as a slow-pitch softball batting cage or an indoor batting cage, read on to explore embedded maps dedicated to those specific types of batting cages.


About Batting Cages

A batting cage is an enclosed space where baseball and softball players of all levels (little league, intramural, high school, collegiate, or professional) can practice their hitting. Netting or fencing surrounds the player in a long rectangular shape, and at one end, is a pitching machine. The player stands at the opposite end and hits the balls that are pitched.

Benefits of a Batting Cage

 There are several benefits to using a batting cage. The most obvious perk is that all the balls the player hits are contained within the cage, so no one has to chase after them. Batting cages with automated pitching machines also eliminate the need for a second person to pitch the ball while ensuring (in theory) a precise pitch each time. The balls at a batting cage are often a dense, dimpled ball (similar to a golf ball) rather than a traditional baseball, which helps the ball fly a truer path when pitched and hit.

At many batting cages, the player can control the speed the ball is pitched, allowing them to practice and improve their swing on specific types of pitches. Coaches often require or encourage players to use batting cages to get lots of repetition and practice on the skill. Coaches may watch the player bat to provide feedback and help the player break any bad habits. Frequent batting practice also helps build muscle memory so that the player feels more comfortable at the plate and hits the ball with consistency.

What to Bring to a Batting Cage 

If you’re a first-timer, you’re probably wondering, “what should I bring to a batting cage?“. Being fully prepared for your batting cage session will help you make the most out of your time. You should dress appropriately in comfortable athletic clothing that you can move freely in. Basketball shorts, track pants, baseball pants, or athletic tights are all acceptable choices. You may also want to top it off with a moisture-wicking shirt, and of course, a baseball helmet. You won’t need to wear cleats for this experience — as you should instead opt for tennis shoes.

Other items you may want to wear include a batting glove or even an athletic supporter. If you’ll be outdoors, you’ll want to dress according to the weather and bring sunscreen. At some batting cages, bats and helmets are provided, though you may opt to bring your own. If you do not have your own bat or helmet, be sure to check the company’s website or call to verify that they have some available to borrow or rent.

What to Expect and How to be Safe

If you’re visiting an indoor batting cage or one with an automated pitching machine, you should definitely expect to pay for the experience. Depending on where you go, you’ll either pay for a set amount of time to bat, or you’ll pay per pitch. If you’ve ever heard the crack of a ball on a metal bat, you can imagine how loud a batting cage facility can get with multiple people hitting at the same time. Depending on how many batting stalls there are, you can expect it to be loud and potentially crowded.

The terrain in a batting cage isn’t the same as a baseball field. It may be turf or concrete and will likely have a slight downward slope, allowing stray balls to roll back to the feeder and into the pitching machine again.

It’s important to exercise safety and caution when utilizing a batting cage. Most pitching machines throw balls at speeds varying from 30 to 90 miles per hour. As you can imagine, getting hit by a baseball can potentially cause serious injury. To protect yourself and others, be sure to keep your gate closed at all times when the pitching machine is running. Stay in your own batting area, and do not stand in front of the plate. You should always stand to one side of the plate and wait for the machine to stop throwing before switching sides. Use good judgment and always be alert.

Indoor Batting Cages

Are there batting cages near me indoors?

Can I find indoor softball batting cages near me?

Indoor batting cages are perfect for those who want a totally controlled environment to practice their swing. They’re also a good option for players (or families) who want to take a few swings on a rainy day. Reference the map below to find an indoor baseball or softball batting cage near you.

Outdoor Batting Cages

Where are outdoor batting cages near me?

Outdoor batting cages are a popular option as they are sometimes cheaper, and players are subject to wind and sunlight as they would be in a game. Many people believe that these are the best batting cages because of these two factors. Use the map below to find the nearest outdoor batting cage.

Baseball Batting Cages

Are there baseball batting cages near me? 

Batting cages can be used by baseball players of any age and any skill level. Most cages allow the batter to control the pitch’s speed, either by exact numerical speed or by a general “slow, medium, fast” dial. To find a batting cage near you for baseball, use the map below to search.

Softball Batting Cages

Are there slow pitch softball batting cages near me?

Are there fastpitch softball batting cages near me?

Reaction times and batting techniques differ for slow and fastpitch. For softball players, this means that pitch speed is an essential part of their batting training. Being able to find a batting cage that meets their needs is essential. Below you can search for softball batting cages.

Public Batting Cages

Are there public batting cages near me?

Public batting cages are often cheaper because they do not have the same amenities like an indoor or outdoor batting cage (that has automated pitching machines). Public batting cages are likely to be enclosed with netting rather than fencing and require a second individual to retrieve balls and pitch. The pitcher stands behind an L shaped net that protects them from stray balls. You can often find public batting cages at city parks with baseball fields, and high schools.

Mini Golf and Batting Cages

Where can I find mini-golf and batting cages near me?

Batting cages and mini-golf — no one quite knows why these two sporty activities were grouped, but they are. Many Putt-Putt locations have batting cages side by side with their courses.

If you’re looking for something fun to do with family or friends, mini-golf and some batting could make for a great day outdoors. A bonus is that this also doubles as a little workout (you’re sure to feel the burn in your arms and shoulders afterward)! Use the map below to find a location with both activities.